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With the intense heat in Tucson, Arizona, this made the traditional dig-and-replace methods of pipe repairs incredibly challenging. Due to the dry soil as a result of the hot temperatures in the region, this made the soil difficult to dig up, and the only way to soften it was to add water. This not only extended the time it took to complete the repairs by meticulously digging through the incredibly durable soil but it required an increased amount of water, a resource that shouldn’t be taken for granted in Arizona.

Fortunately, trenchless pipe repairs ignore these inconvenient steps, resulting in an effective no dig-solution that is more suitable for residents in Tucson. At NuFlow Tucson, the process involves conducting repairs through an access point that is either already present on the property, such as a cleanout, or through a small hole if one needs to be dug. Typically, we can rely on existing points to connect to the pipes and perform the needed repairs, allowing us to save valuable time.

Rather than needing to remove the damaged section and replace it after digging a trench, we simply rehabilitate the pipe from the inside by creating a new liner inside of it with epoxy resin. As a result, repairs can be conducted at twice the speed and this ensures that your home doesn’t have to suffer from demolition and other potential problems associated with the dig-and-replace methods. The eco-friendly benefits of this process can’t go unstated. By saving water and keeping the soil in place, this prevents gases from being released and potentially contaminating the surrounding air and water supply.

With fast repairs and benefits that make the process more affordable and convenient for customers in Tucson, trenchless pipe repairs are the way to go. With NuFlow Tucson, you can rely on trenchless pipe repairs for the best benefits and value in Tucson.


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