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Vent Stack Lining

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Vent stacks are installed into homes and buildings for the purpose of drawing sewer gases out of the building. The network of vent stacks prevents odors from being released into living spaces, making these pipes important for comfortable living. This is especially important in multi-story apartment complexes, where there are many people inhabiting the building and using the sewer system regularly. Over time, vent stacks can become blocked with debris, but with the advancements of trenchless repairs, there’s no need for workers to break through the walls in order to access the pipes. At NuFlow, we offer our vent stack lining services to effectively repair vent stack lines and offer long-term results for our customers in Tucson.

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Our Vent Stack Lining Process

When you call us for our services, our experienced technician will meet with you and discuss all your concerns. A camera inspection will be used to examine your Tucson vent stacks for any debris choking the flow of gas. Since the top of the stacks open to the air above the roofline, it is possible that leaves, pine needles, or other organic material have fallen into and blocked the pipe. Our technician will lower a small camera attached to an optic cable into the pipe to identify any issues.

Our solutions are based on the damage we find in the pipeline and tailored to fulfill different purposes. If we find a clog in the pipe, we employ our hydro jetting cleaning equipment to remove it. Hydro jetting involves using a pressurized water pump and a long, flexible hose attached to a water jetting nozzle. Once the pressurizing pump is turned on, the water is blasted through your Tucson pipe at powerful speeds strong enough to splinter blockages and rinse them away, but the pressure also doesn’t have any negative impacts on the vent stack itself either.

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Pipe Lining Solutions Tucson, Arizona

If the vent stack is discovered to have a crack or break in the line, we have an effective trenchless method for resolving the problem. Our pipe lining process sets a liner coated with resin inside the original pipe before having it inflated. This inflation forces the liner to expand against the vent stack and presses the epoxy resin against the vent stack, covering leaks and cracks as needed. The liner is deflated and removed once the epoxy resin is applied, and after a few hours of curing, the vent stack is restored to proper functionality. At NuFlow, we will be able to fix your vent stack quickly and offer long-lasting results. Our liners are expected to function smoothly for over fifty years, ensuring that your vent stack will be operating in optimal condition for decades. As an additional solution, we may recommend pipe coating to repair the damage inside of the vent stack.

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NuFlow is proud to serve the Tucson area with the most eco-friendly, contemporary methods in the industry. Give us a call and let our experienced staff solve your concerns with cost-effective techniques that will keep your home and business secure for years to come.

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