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Slow Drains

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As time goes by and you use your bathroom, kitchen, and basement drains, they become less efficient. At NuFlow Tucson, we suggest using the latest trenchless solution, hydro jetting, to keep your sewer system clean and free of blockages and debris. When you contact us to address slow drains, cleaning your sewer lines is simple, cost-effective, and efficient.

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Our Recommendation: Hydro Jetting for Fixing Slow Drains

NuFlow Tucson employs high definition micro cameras to inspect pipelines and open access points, and records the footage for viewing on a monitor located above ground. This technology allows us to identify the precise cause of your sewer line issues by transmitting real-time images and videos. Our technicians then recommend the appropriate solution to address your drainage problems. If your pipes have significant damage, we may recommend trenchless repair or replacement to rehabilitate them.

During the sewer line inspection, we gather data such as the material, diameter, depth, and existing damage. Snakes and augers should only be used by professionals who can clear blockages and clogs without damaging your pipes. For eliminating years of debris, trenchless hydro jetting is the best option as it’s environmentally friendly and uses only pressurized water to get the job done.

Our skilled technicians can determine if your pipes are suitable for the trenchless cleaning procedure. We can direct the flow of water inside your pipes and remove sludge, grease, hair, and calcified matter that cause slow drains. A final inspection is conducted to determine whether trenchless pipe repair or replacement is necessary to achieve complete rehabilitation. When pipelining, we use a new pipe that is more durable and stronger than traditional pipe material.

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How Professional Drain Cleaning Works

At NuFlow Tucson, we use hydro jetting equipment that is designed to clean your drain thoroughly. A specialized nozzle blasts highly pressurized water in all directions, effectively reaching all the interior parts of your sewer line. This dislodges and washes away materials such as rust, dirt, grit, food particles, and foreign objects. Even tough materials like roots from nearby trees and shrubs are eliminated, leaving the original diameter of the pipe intact. With smooth walls free from buildup, your pipes are less likely to experience clogging, slow drains, and other blockage issues. After the cleaning is complete, our technicians will conduct a final inspection to ensure that the pipes are thoroughly clean and to check if there’s any need for further repairs.

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If you notice that your drains are draining slower than usual, it could indicate a problem with your sewer system. It’s important not to ignore the issue or attempt DIY methods, as this can result in increased debris buildup and lead to more significant plumbing issues and higher repair costs. Improper drain solutions can also cause advanced corrosion, leaks, and contamination.

At NuFlow Tucson, we offer professional plumbing services to address any concerns you may have in your home or business. Slow drains can lead to clogs and other sewer line problems that can disrupt your daily routine. We serve customers in Tucson and the surrounding areas, providing drain cleaning services to restore your drains to their original condition. Contact us to schedule an appointment and experience our expert services.

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