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Tucson Nu Drain System

At NuFlow Tucson, we fix pipes using the technologically advanced Nu Drain system, a trenchless drain and sewer pipe repair system.

What is Nu Drain?

Simply the best structural lining option on the market today, Nu Drain dramatically enhances the structural strength and integrity of any pipe that needs fortification or repair. In fact, Nu Drain is so effective that it operates as a stand-alone pipe within the interior of its critically damaged host pipe. Nu Drain pipe lining (the new pipe within the old pipe) actually lasts even longer than replacing the entire pipe with a brand new one.

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How does Nu Drain Work?

The Nu Drain system employs cured in place pipe (CIPP) technology to essentially replace your pipes from within. CIPP is one of the most common approaches to pipe rehabilitation today, and the CIPP epoxy barrier coatings and structural liner products of Nu Drain are best in class.

When you secure Nu Drain services with NuFlow Tucson, we’ll begin by inspecting your pipes from the inside using a plumbing camera. This allows us to identify cracks, clogs, loose joints, and other specific areas that may require attention.
Secondly, we clean the pipes of any and all hardened obstructions using a pneumatic cutter. This process smooths the internal walls of the pipe and returns it to its original diameter.

After the line is clean, your NuFlow technician can effectively insert a pipe liner that is coated with Nu Drain’s special CIPP epoxy formula. When the pipe liner reaches an area that needs repair, the technician will inflate a bladder that pushes both liner and epoxy firmly onto the pipe’s internal walls.
After drying for a few hours, the epoxy hardens into a single, solid piece that securely covers all cracks and broken pipe segments. Essentially a pipe within a pipe, it has a general life expectancy of more than 50 years.

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Why is Nu Drain the Best?

In addition to promoting durability and longevity (Nu Drain pipes can last for over 75 years), the state-of-the-art NuFlow system is incredibly versatile. Nu Drain excels at trenchless pipe repair, trenchless sewer repair, copper pipe repair, and general pipe relining.

Extremely user-friendly and easy to install, NuFlow products allow technicians to remotely fix damaged pipes along any number of branch lines with exceptional quality and speed. Nu Drain CIPP epoxy has repeatedly exceeded standards in tests for both structural stability and chemical resistance.

Nu Drain Services in the Tucson Area

NuFlow is the leading plumbing repair company serving residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial customers in the greater Tucson area. If you have questions about Nu Drain technology or want to request a quote for Nu Drain services, contact NuFlow Tucson today.

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