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As home and business owners, we usually don’t think about checking up on our sewer systems until there are signs it’s not working right. As long as the water keeps flowing down the drains smoothly, the recommended maintenance checks for our sewer system are often ignored.

That, however, is not a smart idea – your pipes could be deteriorating and you may not know until it is too late! In order to avoid a major plumbing disaster on your property, it is best for you to schedule an inspection of your sewer system now. This also applies to you if you are buying a new home – it is essential you know what state the pipes are in before you move in!

If you are based in Chandler, Arizona, call the experts at NuFlow Tucson to schedule a camera inspection now. Over time, pipes can deteriorate or clog due to various reasons. There could be minor blocks you don’t even know about caused by debris or material buildup passed down through your drains. There could also be corrosion caused over the years from regular wear and tear or intrusion caused by tree roots. At first, these issues might seem small, but eventually, they could cause major damage to your sewer system and end up causing a big dent in your wallet.

Our trained technicians at NuFlow Tucson can perform a sewer camera inspection, which can accurately pinpoint any areas in your sewer system that may need repairs. With a specially designed waterproof camera, our technicians can navigate around your pipelines, efficiently assessing what condition they are in. These video camera inspections are non-invasive and very cost-efficient. Through our state-of-the-art technology, our professionals can record a real-time video feed of your entire sewer system that can help prevent future emergencies or eliminate existing problems. Contact NuFlow Tucson now at 520-284-0056 to schedule your video inspection.


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