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Sewer Pipe Inspection

Getting Your Sewer Pipe Inspected for Post-Monsoon Problems

By August 14, 2017June 18th, 2020No Comments

The heat is finally breaking, your street signs are no longer melting. It’s great that your shoes no longer stick to the sidewalk, but monsoon season also means deluges. With so much rain in so little time, your property and infrastructure are put to the ultimate test. Think about your plumbing and all the water that will not only flow through it but around it.

Wait, why would water flow around my existing plumbing? That is an excellent question and one that is especially important when precipitation is heavy. Although most of your plumbing is located inside your home, the sewer line is not.

Monsoon Season and How it Affects Your Sewer Pipes

Connecting every drain, every sink, every appliance, and every toilet to the sewer is your sewer line. This pipe is the all-important wastewater delivery system. Funneling 100% of your wastewater, the sewer line is always working and as you can imagine, it is important to keep it in good condition.

Located underground, it is buried beneath the lawn and sidewalks. Because the sewer line is located on the exterior, it bears the full brunt of the monsoon season. Monsoon water percolates into the soil around the sewer line, causing it to move. Any settling or erosion stresses the pipe and can cause cracks. Not only is the rain causing potential problems but all that extra water is adding to the stresses inside your pipe. Any outdoor drains, garage drains, and internal plumbing that has the potential for flooding will drain into your sewer line.

On top of this, the stormwater from monsoon season is pouring into the sewer system, flooding the public lines, and creating backups in your own sewer line. This storm surge can deposit branches, rocks, even animals into your sewer line. This type of material can cause blockages, slowing down drains, and can potentially cause backups into your home. Because of the unique monsoon rains in Tucson, your sewer line is at extreme risk during this time of the year. Having your sewer line inspected to prevent problems is imperative.

NuFlow Tucson are your local Sewer Line Specialists

Located in the Tucson area, NuFlow understands the uniqueness of Monsoon season. Our specialists are highly trained to deal with problems and to ultimately fix your sewer line. We use state of the art camera systems to peer first hand into your sewer lines. This procedure allows us to target specific problems, saving you both time and money.

If there are problems, our licensed plumbers will quickly clean out any blockages, returning your sewer line to better than new conditions. If there is more serious damage, our trenchless sewer repair is the ultimate method of repair, foregoing expensive excavation. NuFlow Tucson understands sewer lines and there is no company better equipped to protect your home and property.

Don’t let monsoon season degrade any of your investments.  Have your sewer line inspected for post-monsoon problems. Give NuFlow Tucson a call today at 520-284-0056.


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